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Yoga Life Coaching or “have a conversation with me”.

I’d like to tell you a few things about yoga life coaching:

Number One – I’m confident that if you work with me, you will experience specific measurable results in regard to knowing more about who you are and how you think.

Number Two – I love people.  I love the way they think, walk, talk and live.

Number Three – I am so crazy in love with this process that I am willing to look or sound silly to get you to commit to it.

Number Four – Your first conversation with me is free of charge so what do you have to lose?

Number Five –  For the rest of the month, if you pay for 5 sessions with me, you will get one for free!

Number Six – I think that’s it.   Contact me at Don’t wait – refer to yesterday’s post to understand what happens to you when you wait….


Who are you outside of your thinking?

I had a great conversation today with some folks about what holds us back from the things we would like to accomplish.  We came to the conclusion that what stands between us and getting the job done is not so much related to whether or not we can actually do the job but to the thoughts that we have regarding the task at hand.

Let’s say you would like to go sky diving but you don’t have the money to pay for the experience.  To your thinking, that may look like a dead end street right then and there.  But is it really?  What if you told as many people as possible about your desire to go sky diving? You know that right now you don’t have the money to do it but you are not going to let that stand in the way of the expression of your desire. What if by some strange chance,  out of all the people you talk to,  one of them owns a sky diving company?  What if they needed someone to help them clean out their office or walk their dog for a week while they were away on vacation in exchange for a sky diving experience?  You might “think” that it would be unlikely for this to happen.  However,  do you really know beforehand, whether or not you could achieve your result, if you do not express and generate your desire?

You might question the fact that sometimes it takes time to generate or manifest what it is that we want and that might be true.  I think if we are waiting around for the results of what it is we are creating, we are living in the realm of thinking and therefore misunderstanding the process of generating.  Generating is a way of being in and of itself that leads to a greater and greater expansion.  If we are not generating in the moment, we are waiting.  When we are waiting, the universe(meaning the situations that are occurring or not occurring)is waiting with us.  BUT, if we are generating, no matter what, our world will begin to respond in like.

However, this process is not as simple as it seems because generating comes from a true desire, a real life connection to wanting to get through to the longing of your heart.  We can spend too much time thinking about what others might think of us or how WE would act in a situation compared to others instead of listening to our heart’s desire and so then acting from that place.

The question is – how do we get to that place where we can access our desires clearly?   I believe that we can get to that place through the practice of yoga.   The discipline of getting on to your yoga mat and practicing, dissolves the tension of thinking about getting things done,  thinking about what the right course of action might be or about what other people might think.   All of that thinking stands in the way of desire that can lead to us generating in the moment.

Yoga, and I do mean the practice of asana, is a tried and true methodology that leads to change.   Yoga asana practice is meant to be a daily discipline, a discipline of consistency and repetition that supports growth, fosters change and leads to generating from the inside out. Doing a lot of different yoga poses and constantly changing up your practice could be compared to relying on your thinking in regard to getting things done.  That approach could be described as superficial: superficial defined as being of the surface and not from the heart.  If you come to yoga hoping that it will change you life and you keep changing your yoga,  it will be hard for yoga to do it’s work on you.  Certainly, it will bring some good, as would any exercise.  It will, however, most likely not lead you to the change you’ve been told about or are seeking because you are looking for something to keep your mind interested as opposed to discovering feeling, and as a result of your feeling, being connected to your heart.   Change comes from knowing one’s heartfelt desire and then creating from that place, as we have been discussing, and not from thinking and then looking for results externally.

Somewhere along the line, I think many yogis were told that desire is wrong and the spirit must be cleansed of all wanting.  How would you know where your heart’s desire needs to go without wanting?  It’s not the desire as much as the idea attached to the desire that is the trouble maker.  I’d like to do yoga but “I’m not flexible”.  I’d like to do yoga but “I’m too old”.   All of the reasons you come up with that stand in the way of your desire are squashing the desire and therefore the creativity and generating and that’s no way to live.  In fact,  that’s not living but dying.  Dying to spirit,  dying to the moment and dying to generating.

Your thinking, disguised as reasons, will always be there.  And, you will be tempted to rely on your thinking as a way out.  You may even confuse your thinking with feeling and let feeling stand in the way of your desire.  Feeling, in and of itself, is not enough – the feeling must connect to something deeper, and that something is your desire.

So, the question remains:  Who are you outside of your thinking?   What do you really desire? And most of all,  are you truly interested in generating the life that you were meant to live?  If so, it’s simple.  Stick to your discipline, listen to your heart, connect to your desire and become a generator in the house of your life!

“You catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar…”

This was one of my mom’s favorite sayings.  In fact, many of the conversations that take place between my mom and I seem to consist primarily of these kinds of aphorisms.  When I was  younger and living at home, I would relay stories of personal dismay to her and she would answer with things like, “God helps them who help themselves”, or “Everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time”, or “free your mind and your ass will follow”, (she didn’t really say that but it’s a good one isn’t it?).

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about the flies and honey advice.  In the past, I didn’t like it much as I interpreted it as manipulation and backing down somehow.  I thought it was about being “fake-y” nice and losing myself.  I realize now that it’s not about backing down or being fake. It’s about being true to what’s important to me.  For one thing, it’s about the importance of  my health and well-being.  It’s about less resistance and how to stay in the flow. It’s not about where I am going but HOW I am getting there.  And, when I am in the HOW, I am in the NOW.

So, check it out.  The next time you are in a disagreement with someone, try some honey first.  And if that doesn’t work out,  you can always reach for the vinegar, but it least it will be your choice….


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